Top 10 Freaky Beauty Trends Of Our Time

Beauty trends are part of being human. When you think about it, if we didn’t follow trends we’d still be wearing animal skin and hides as clothes. But there is a fine line where some trends just don’t make sense yet somehow still manage to garner a following. Here are our top 10 list of the freaky kind.


Hangover makeup

Image Source by Pop Sugar


A hangover is what you can expect after a night of excessive binge drinking. But we bet you didn’t expect “hangover makeup” a beauty trend, did you? Dolling your face up to look like you had one too many the night before is a Japanese trend that’s making waves. There are online video tutorials to help you perfect the look without having to damage your liver or your skin health in the process.


Armpit hair dye

Image Source: Free Your Pits website


We’ve all done it; dyeing our crowning glory that is. But dyeing our armpit hair? We love our hair but we only want them where they’re supposed to be. That’s why most women would go for waxing or other hair removal treatments. Yet some women are apparently dyeing theirs in all the colours of the spectrum!


Reverse tanning


What do you do when a golden brown tan becomes somewhat of a passé? Though it wasn’t their initial intention, NASA engineers have created a machine that emits long wavelength infrared light that claims to wipe your tan away, leaving you with skin as white as virgin snow. Apparently, it leaves your skin smoother and looking healthier as well. But just remember that white tanning does not erase the damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation nor does it make you immune to the dangers of the sun. Please continue to block up!


Vampire facials or platelet-rich plasma facials


Vampire facials or platelet-rich plasma facials involve the extraction of one’s own blood in a small amount and injecting it back into the face. Before injection, the blood is spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the red and white blood cells. It is this concentrated plasma rich in platelets that are injected back into the face. Its facial rejuvenation and skin lifting effect, however, is not scientifically proven nor approved by the health authorities.


Super-sized bodies


We’ve all heard of boot camps but “fat camps”? In a world where the image is almost everything, it baffles the mind to think that getting obesity is a trend but it is. There are people who are signing to put on weight and build confidence about their new look. Apparently, you’re expected to consume 15,000 calories a day, that is eight times more than the recommended daily intake for an adult! We all know that excess is never a good thing and our personal well-being should always be a priority.



Image source:


If you find yourself on a beach surrounded by people in facemasks, don’t be alarmed. Facekinis as they’re known, are making waves on the beach. They look like the typical beauty masks with cutout holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth. They are supposedly to protect the face from the sun.


Face bleaching



In the 1800s, having fair skin is a reflection of your wealth because it shows you do not have to toil in the sun. The Ugly Papers published by Harper’s Bazar in the early 1870s recommended that women coat their faces with opium traces from lettuce leaves overnight and then wash it off with ammonia in the morning so that your face will look fresh and pale. Fast forward to the 21st century and there are skin bleaching creams that use chemicals to help whiten your face. But a big word of caution here: do your research and be aware of ingredients that may do more harm than good to your skin.


Burning hair or velaterapia

haircut candle or Brazilian new style, hair burning split end treatment

Velaterapia or candle cutting is a Brazilian hair treatment technique that gets rid off split ends. It received a lot of attention when supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio posted a photo on Instagram holding a lit candle to her hair. It involves twisting hair into sections and running an open flame through the length of one’s hair. It was reported to remove split ends without compromising hair’s length. It has become a huge trend but as they say: when you play with fire, you will get burnt.




The frenzy of face contouring with the help of heavy makeup was extended to the rest of the body with people “faking it”, contouring even their collarbone, breasts, abdominals, and legs with the help of a contouring makeup kit. Kim Kardashian, the celebrity who started this trend, finally said that enough is enough and that she is done with this makeup practice. But she subsequently admitted that she would probably continue to contour her nose. Unless you have plenty of time to spare contouring your face and body every single morning, perhaps it is time to lay this trend to rest and find some other more cost-effective ways of fixing your beauty bugbear.


Unibrows made of goat’s hair

Image of Frida Kahlo


Apart from her artistic talents, Frida Kahlo was probably known for her unibrow. She wore it with pride and it was a statement in being bold and daring. She reportedly even darkened her brows to emphasise her beliefs. But it didn’t start with her. The ancient Greeks regarded the unibrow as an indication of intelligence and beauty in women. Women who didn’t have one would use dark powder to connect their brows and according to Mental Floss, some would fashion them out of goat’s hair and tree resin even.


The great lengths that people would go to in the pursuit of beauty or in this case, society’s interpretation of beauty, is mind boggling and even bordering on dangerous sometimes. Remember to do your research well before joining in the trend and always consult a doctor if unsure or better yet, ask them for a safe and effective alternative!


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