So What’s Trending In K-beauty?

K-Beauty: Rubber Mask

Korean Rubber Masks

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The rubber mask is a powder that you add water to and blend until it’s evenly mixed. It’s then applied on the face and left to solidify into a rubber-like state, hence its name. It usually takes about 15 minutes and it’s during this period that the rejuvenation is said to take place. As it hardens, skin is suppose to tighten, leaving a temporary firming effect and it also claims to detoxify skin by lifting away impurities and dead skin cells resulting in a brighter appearance.

But does it work? “Consumers are constantly bombarded by skincare tips and products during their quest for firmer and younger looking skin. It can get very confusing, so I always tell my patients to go back to medical facts,” says Dr Terence Tan, Director for Halley Medical Aesthetics, who has a three-prong facial firming formula to combat sagging skin.

K-Beauty: Ampoules

Ampoules are also the current beauty rage in Korea. They are effective in repairing, hydrating, brightening, and addressing anti-aging needs, which makes them a powerful and handy serum to have in your bag at anytime. One thing to note though is that they’re not a one-time fix-it-all item but should be used to supplement your existing skincare routine and products.

“The beauty industy in Singapore has been using ampoules for a long time now. If you have been buying ampoules for personal use at home, be sure that it includes ingredients that are medically proven to work,” adds Dr Tan. For instance, vitamin C and peptides are known for their collagen boosting properties and ceramide for its hydrating properties.

K-Beauty: Amniotic Fluid

K-Beauty: Amniotic Fluid

Most people would be put off by the term amniotic fluid and rightly so. But many people believe that it is what gives us baby-smooth skin. They say that it is the lipids found in amniotic fluid that does the job. Dr Tan, however, says we should exercise caution. “There is no evidence that applying amniotic fluid and lipids on our face will help firm our skin. It is best to go back to evidence-based therapies like Ultherapy that are effective in stimulating fibroblasts and collagen production than believe in beauty hearsay,” he explains.

Tick tock tick tock

Even though aging is inevitable, that doesn’t meant we can’t do something about its harsh effects and it is never too late to do something about it! Other than Ultherapy, there are other rejuvenating treatments like “Long Pulsed” restorative laser, radio frequency (RF) skin tightening, Cellec pulsed light therapy, and 4D complete face rejuvenation with laser. Please consult your doctor on what is most appropriate for your skin.

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