Simple Weight Loss Life Hacks That Could Improve Your Life

Weight loss should be about making small, effective changes that are perpetuated over a longer period of time, and still have fun along the way. So here are five life hacks that could help you in the battle against the bulge.

Weight loss is often associated by many people with pain and suffering. But it should not be the case nor does it have to be the case. If losing weight is making you unhappy because you are eating food you don’t enjoy or you are hungry all the time, then perhaps it is time to consult experts who can make your weight loss journey feel less like a chore. Here are five life hacks that could help you win the battle against the bulge.

Life hack #1: Stepping up to the plate

When you stand next to someone who’s bigger than you, you look smaller. The same theory applies to your dinnerware. Using smaller plates give the impression that you’re having a big serving and this will encourage you to have smaller portions. It’s called the Delboeuf Illusion. The colour of your plates matters too, according to researchers from Georgia Tech and Cornell University. Having a colour contrast between your plate and food can help you eat less. Give it a try with your next meal.

Life hack #2: Say no to binge eating

A grave mistake that anyone can make is to starve yourself only to binge during that one meal. It’s not healthy and it can be detrimental to your health as well. Instead, eat when you’re hungry. You need energy throughout the day and the different meal times are meant for the consumption of the much-needed energy boost – food. Take smaller bites and chew properly and slowly as this can lead to improved satiety, meaning it will make you feel fuller.

Life hack #3: Put that dressing aside

Salads are healthy but you can make your serving of greens even healthier by keeping the dressing and other sauces on the side. This allows you to control the amount you consume which not only helps to cut down calorie, it will also help in your effort to lose the extra kilos too.

Life hack #4: Repel the snack attack

Why do we snack? Well at times, they act as fillers in-between meals and sometimes, admittedly, it’s because we are bored. Although there are healthy snack options you can opt for, it’s still best if you can totally avoid them. If you’re having the munchies and you succumb to it, you’re actually programming your body to a habit. Most of the things that cause us harm are the result of habits anyway. So if you find yourself besieged by the urge to snack, take slow deep breaths or down a glass of water instead.

Life hack #5: Calorie counting

The basic idea of calorie counting is to consume what you need based on your daily activities but it can get confusing and challenging. There are, however, available fitness and health apps that can do the job for you. Still, it’s good to have some basic knowledge of the numbers involved. According to Dr. Terence Tan of Halley Medical Aesthetic (Halley), “It is hard to know exactly the calories you are eating. To calculate your meals based on calories each time can be stressful. So a simple and easy-to-remember guideline would be to allocate 150 kcal for snacks, 300 kcal for a small meal, 600 kcal for a medium-sized one, and 900 kcal for a big one.”

Halley’s latest Total Slim Programme is a slimming and weight management programme that is monitored and managed by both a nutritionist and doctor. It comprises consultations with a nutritionist who will work with the patient to come up with a tailored nutrition and diet plan as well as consultations with the doctor who will oversee your weight loss journey.

Achieving a healthy and functional body should always be your primary goal when it comes to weight loss. At the end of the day, looking and feeling good can motivate you to achieve other life goals. Just remember to go about it the safe way and always be good to your body.

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