Project Halley Beauty

There is a long, blank wall in Halley Medical Aesthetics (Halley) that was the personal bugbear of the clinic’s marketing communications manager, Khay, since it started operation. The problem wasn’t structural but an aesthetic one. It was bare, devoid of any artwork or feature to reflect Halley and Dr. Terence Tan’s philosophy to medical aesthetics.

“From the get-go, we were very clear that Halley’s message to the public and potential patients is that beauty exists everywhere. Beauty lies in the objects we see everyday like a tree, a building, and in the person looking back at us in the mirror” says Khay.

“We believe that beauty is and should be defined by each individual. We don’t need the mass media to tell us what is beautiful. All we need is an experienced doctor with a keen sense of aesthetics to bring out the best in you.” This is very much like artists who turn mundane, everyday objects like a driftwood into a piece of art or a florist who places individual blooms together to create a stunning flower display.

Sixth Sense
Dr. Terence Tan chatting with artist Miun at her “sixth sense” exhibition.

“That is why we don’t use models, who are traditional representations of beauty, on our websiteFacebookInstagramblog, and print ads to deliver a message. Therefore any artwork that goes on our wall has to reflect Halley’s perspective,” explains Khay.

When the Halley team visited local artist Miun’s “Sixth Sense” exhibition in October 2014 done in collaboration with Leica Camera, Khay knew instantly that Miun was the artist who could fulfil the vision. That was when she commissioned Miun to create a mural to fill the blank wall in the clinic.

Project Halley Beauty
As an artist, Miun is known for her installations and work using flowers as her medium. She most recently participated in SingaPlural 2015, an anchor event for Singapore Design Week, where she married real and fake flowers to create new species of flowers in her display, “The Marriage“. Khay had also seen several of Miun’s murals like the one in The Panic Room, an uber cool barber shop in Geylang.

Project Halley Beauty
Explaining her vision

Perhaps being friends even before this working relationship started made it easy for Miun to understand Halley’s philosophy. “When Miun told me her artistic vision for our mural, I was excited; she understood our positioning. But as with working with any artist, I won’t be able to ‘see’ her actual vision until the work is complete. There is always some uncertainty as to what artistic track she would eventually choose.

“But that is why selecting an artist, like selecting a medical aesthetics doctor, is so important. You have to first like their artwork, then trust their sense of aesthetics, and let them execute and deliver your vision,” says Khay.

After given the brief, Miun felt her strength and interest in flowers melded well with Halley’s philosophy. Like flowers that will blossom over time, everyone who steps into the clinic can be transformed into unique, individual pieces of artwork.

And that was how Halley’s mural by Miun came about. Within each frame that Miun painstakingly sprayed with different hues of gold is a flower, drawn directly on the wall with black markers. Some of the frames were new while some were pre-loved items from Hock Siong & Co., a furniture store that sells used quality furniture and eclectic kitchenware. No matter their condition, each was lovingly painted and enhanced under Miun’s hand, “just like how we’d treat each and every patient in the clinic”, quipped Khay.

Project Halley Beauty
Miun lays out all the newly bought frames the way she wants it on the wall.
Project Halley Beauty
Miun’s workspace when painting the frames
Project Halley Beauty
The original frames are slowly making its transition.

Project Halley Beauty

Project Halley Beauty
The final product

Project Halley Beauty

So if you are ever passing by River Valley Road before heading for dinner or drinks at Mohamad Sultan, please drop by and check out Miun’s mural in the clinic.

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