Pairing Of Beauty Treatments – A Match Made In Halley

If you can mix and match your clothes and fast-food meals, why not your beauty treatments too?

Pairing a newly bought top with an existing pair of pants come naturally to everyone. Even pairing meal options is something we do almost every day. (Will it be a salad or soup with your chicken today?) But what about our beauty treatments? We often leave it in the hands of the doctor.

To the medically-untrained consumer of aesthetic treatments, a therapy like Botox® is used to address wrinkles, fine lines, lift our brows, slim our jaws, and that’s just skimming the tip of the iceberg. But to the doctor, Botox is like a paint that they can wield and mix with another treatment—like Ultherapy or threadlift—to achieve more dramatic results. What they do is not alchemy as everything relates back to medically-proven facts, data, and principles. But for an effective pairing of treatments, they must harness their knowledge of the therapies and with the goal in mind, pair complementary treatments together.

Pushing the Medical Frontier of Beauty Treatments

Take Botox for example again. It is a staple in many medical aesthetic clinics as it has been used for cosmetic purposes for a long time. But the aesthetic industry is constantly changing and there are always new techniques and new uses for existing treatments. So with his fingers constantly on the pulse of medical innovation, that was how Dr. Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics came to introduce intradermal-Botox (or micro-Botox) as part of his clinic’s services. He then paired it with two synergistic therapies—a long-pulsed restoration laser and q-switched brightening laser. Called the Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation programme for an optimal and a more radical rejuvenation of the face.

Micro-Botox is not the only method in which he is using for a tried and tested medical product. Dr. Tan is also using Botox to treat gummy smiles and downturned corners of the mouth, which makes one looks constantly angry, depressed or sad. “What we are doing at Halley is unlocking the value of existing tried and tested treatments by putting complementary therapies together based on their benefits. We then apply new medical techniques to give the intended results,” he explains.

Laser is also another therapy that can be further leveraged. Halley’s Signature 4D Complete Face Rejuvenation, for instance, combines four different laser treatments to rejuvenate the skin over a single session. While the traditional laser is done on the skin itself, this treatment involves applying laser from within as one of the treatment modules. This Cheek Tightlase laser treatment tightens and rejuvenates our facial skin from within the mouth. It generates collagen to help lift and smoothen out wrinkles around the cheeks, mouth, and smile lines.

More Mixing and Matching of Beauty Treatments

Halley’s Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation is not the only medical aesthetic programme that Dr. Tan has put together using complementary treatments to achieve results. He combines Ultra-V Lift or non-anchoring thread lift techniques with Korean methods of applying Botox to the jaw to achieve a v-shaped face in the clinic’s Age Reverse Face Slimming programme. If required, he can augment this treatment with dramatic 3D projection achieved through fillers and jawline thread lifts to give the face a more chiselled, v-shape look. “Our local facial features are different from that of Koreans. Simply importing Korean methods or procedures to Singapore may not be ideal. The challenge is to combine unique Korean methods with other treatment modalities to achieve the ideal beauty standard locally. This means the skill of the doctor plays a big role in achieving results,” adds Dr. Tan.

There are many other aesthetic programmes that Dr. Tan has put together based on this philosophy of matching synergistic therapies for enhanced results. This includes treatments like:

  • V-Face Programme: Combines Botox of the jaw with Ultherapy cheeks
  • VNaturally Programme: Combines Ultherapy to the cheeks with Halley’s Super Trio Radio Frequency (RF) treatments
  • Face Contour Programme: Combines Botox of the jaw with the Super Trio RF treatment
  • Total Whitening Programme: Combines pigment laser treatments with Cellec intense pulsed light (IPL) rejuvenation, photodynamic light therapy, oral medications, and whitening cream.
  • Acne Scar Programme: Combines fractional CO2 laser treatments with glycolic acid peel.

For more information about Halley’s treatments and aesthetic programmes, please visit or call 6737 8233.


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