Five Common Office Beauty And Health Bad Habits

Everyone wants to be successful at work. But don’t get carried away with it. Here’s a list of five beauty and health mistakes made in the office – bad habits that you can do without.

You think all you’d need to do to look professional at work is a nice outfit and well-applied makeup on the face, and everything will naturally fall in place. But because you spend a significant part of your day in the office, it takes a lot more than the design of your outfit, whether you have matching accessories and shoes, and the latest lip colour to put you in the right state of mind and health so that you can do yours at work.

Here’s a list of five beauty and health mistakes made in the office – habits that you can do without.

Bad habit #1: A beginning to an end

Although the premise of this article is to discuss what goes on in the office but chances are, your mistake began even before you’ve stepped out of the house.

Almost everyone goes through the morning rush and we’re not talking about your daily commute. It’s the days when you decide to finish some work at home before heading to the office. So you set your alarm a few hours early hoping to do just that. While it’s admirable that you do, it’s not healthy. Another unhealthy habit is to stay up late into the night to work or catch the Korean drama series and then wake up just in time for a shower and quick breakfast before you leave. Either way, your body needs ample rest for it to function well and waking up too early or jolting it into action at the last minute without a good night’s sleep does not do any good. The National Sleep Foundation recommends a good 7-9 hours of sleep for adults aged 26 to 64.

To be productive at work, you need to start the day feeling calm and alert. Set your alarm so that you have enough time to slot in a morning stretch, meditation or some light exercise. Sit down for a proper breakfast and don’t rush through, as it’s not good for your digestive system either.

Bad habit #2: A grande to go please

Aside from the workaholic co-worker, another common presence in every office is coffee. Caffeine as we know is a stimulant and a good “cuppa Joe” in the morning is a welcomed start. But caffeine has a mild diuretic effect and when consumed in large (and many) doses, it can cause dehydration, which in turn can encourage acne breakouts. So no matter how busy you get at your desk, make time to head to the water cooler or pantry for a glass of water. It will do both your health and appearance good. Different health authorities have different opinions of how much water we should drink but the general eight-by-eight rule of eight 8-ounce glasses of water (equivalent to 1.9 litres) per day is a good rule to go by.

Bad habit #3: Sun blocked

No one can fault you for working hard and it’s good that you’re focused on your job. Staring endlessly at your computer screen, however, is not good for your eyes nor your skin. A computer screen emits some ultra-violet (UV) rays and long-term exposure can potentially lead to visible signs of ageing among other skin issues. The office glass windows are no different. Clear glass windows allow up to 75 percent of UVA rays to pass through. Your best protection is to apply a broad spectrum sunblock all the time to reduce the effects of these harmful rays. UV radiation changes our skins cells DNA . It can cause lines, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and discolouration.

Bad habit #4: Get your foundation right

Applying excessive foundation or setting powder can make your face look chalky under the office fluorescent light. Granted that dark eye circles and blemishes are unpleasant but the last thing you want is to look like a stand-in for the Chinese opera troupe. Aim for a more natural look by using a concealer to cover up the blemishes and then even out your skin tone with a sheer foundation or tinted moisturiser. The key is to look as natural as possible. Additionally, you’ll be doing your skin less harm.

Bad habit #5: Layer cake

Still, on the subject of make-up, we know that looking smart and good has to be a priority for today’s career woman. Throughout the day, you might need to touch up on your appearance. But applying layers of make-up can actually do you more harm than good. Your pores will get clogged and this can often lead to a host of skin problems. No doubt the make-up can give you a much-needed aesthetic facelift but there are better and more effective solutions. If blemishes and dull appearance are of concern, there are quick lunchtime facials that you can opt for to rejuvenate your appearance. Sagging skin issues can also be addressed with treatments like Ultherapy but just make sure you go for professional and qualified help. You don’t have to constantly hide behind layers of make-up anymore.

Everyone wants to be successful at work. But don’t get carried away with work. Neglecting your body and health with less than desirable habits can do you more harm than good. So always put your well-being first before anything else.

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