Forbes Facelift: Aesthetic Treatments On Men’s To-do List

Ever heard of the Forbes Facelift? It’s a set of aesthetic procedures that men in the US are investing in not just to look good; they are doing so for the advancement of their career.

With this, boardroom warriors are basically saying gender stereotypes be damned, and they are not shy about spending money on Forbes Facelift procedures which typically includes:

  • Neck lift to improve the appearance of loose skin.
  • Eyelid surgery to create a refreshed and alert look.
  • Enhancing the jawline with injectable fillers and liposuction to remove any excess fat.

The result is to help men look more youthful and feel more confident in and out of the boardroom.

Even in Asia, the importance of looking good is not lost on men and these days, it’s not uncommon to find them in the personal grooming section of a department store, and even in the waiting room of aesthetics clinics.

So what are the more sought-after treatments for our men here? They may be slightly different, with many going for non-invasive alternatives to liposuction. Let’s find out what they are.

Forbes Facelift: Fraxel® Dual laser for better skin

Men, like women, want better-looking skin. Many are asking doctors for help on their acne scars, and the Fraxel Dual laser does a good job at smoothening skin irregularities like scars or blemishes. This fuss-free yet effective non-ablative laser only targets the deeper layers of the skin while the topmost skin is retained. That is why it is able to achieve the desired result with a shorter downtime compared to traditional fractional resurfacing lasers. It spells good news for busy professionals who really want the treatment done but who cannot afford a long downtime. Most professionals will get their Fraxel Dual laser treatment done on a Friday, take the weekend to care for what looks like sunburnt skin and be back at work on Monday without anyone raising an eyebrow over their looks. The worst that can happen is someone asking if you had been out in the sun for too long.

What is also appealing about the Fraxel Dual laser is its skin rejuvenation capabilities. It is able to decrease the appearance of fine lines, reduce pore size, and even out skin tone – all without the longer downtime linked with traditional fractional resurfacing lasers. No working professionals–be it men or women – like to take too much time off work to get their skin woes fixed so this particular laser is well-suited for them.

Forbes Facelift: Face shaping with dermal fillers

Someone with a retracted jaw looks weak, while a sharp chin looks too feminine and soft. Once men realise that their female counterparts are editing their faces with the help of dermal fillers, they want in on the treatment too. After all, dermal fillers injected in the right places can give men a stronger, more masculine and chiselled jawline. It can help portray confidence and the gung-ho, go-getting attitude of youth by giving men higher cheekbones, jutting brows, and in general – a less tired-looking men.

Forbes Facelift: Slimming and body contouring

Charles Darwin used the phrase “survival of the fittest” in his book “On the origin of species” to explain that only those in the best shape and best health will survive in nature. So you can understand why the soft, cuddly dad bod trend came and went very quickly; it is not exactly boardroom material. Going to the gym and going on a diet to get back or get into shape is tough. It is not just the hectic work schedule that gets in the way; it is also psychologically difficult for someone to get started on their weight loss journey.

The men who turn to fat freezing by CoolSculpting are either those who have stubborn areas of fat on their otherwise trim body that they simply could not get rid of despite exercising and careful dieting. Alternatively, these are men who are simply tired of their overweight, dad bod and the fatty tissue around the breast (gynecomastia), and they truly desire a change. For this second group of men, they will look into combining weight loss programmes with fat removal treatments by CoolSculpting to get them back into shape.

Looking good is certainly also part of a man’s concern and goal. They know that being more than just presentable can open doors personally, socially, and professionally. The rise in the number of menfolk seeking treatments to improve their appearance is indeed encouraging but always remember to seek qualified professional advice before embarking on any.

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