Do One Thing A Day That Scares You

What is the craziest thing that blogger Pamela of Uyuteaparty want to do?

It is not easy to get out of our comfort zone but life, well, would be dull without some excitement right? So this December, we ask ourselves (and our dear blog and FB followers) if there was one thing, just one thing, you did this year that scared the bananas out of you but which gave you a BUZZ.

We hope you have at least one thing on your list that made you say: “Hey, I never knew I could do that!” And even if you don’t, it’s never too late to do something about it. We asked blogger Pamela of uyuteaparty what made her list; hopefully it’d inspire us to roll with the punches, transform, and do something different for a change. (Thanks Pamela for sharing!)

People say, “Do one thing a day that scares you.” The scariest thing I did this year was…

(Pamela says:) Probably taking the first step to sign up for yoga teacher training! I hadn’t had the slightest idea what I was signing up for, to be honest. All I knew was that I enjoy doing yoga and that yoga is a great way to stay healthy both physically and mentally. I eventually also quit my corporate desk-bound job and started working full time at a yoga studio! The past year have been full of surprises and I am looking forward to more exciting things which are on the way!

The craziest thing I’d ever wanted to do is…

(Pamela says:) Skydiving! I have a slight fear of heights and so I would love to challenge myself one day with jumping off a plane.
Don’t forget to share a selfie when you do, Pamela!

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