CoolMini: A Step By Step Experience

We know makeup can do wonders. In fact, there is no shortage of tips and tutorials on how to use makeup to enhance facial features, hide flaws, and even hide our double chin.

While people with an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle may develop a double chin, having a double chin doesn’t mean you are fat. We don’t necessarily gain a double chin when we age either, although it can happen over time.

With Zeltiq’s CoolMini applicator, we can put our makeup palettes and brushes, and perhaps even photo editing apps aside, and make use of its fat freezing technology to get rid of the double chin. The advantage of this method is that there is no downtime as no surgery is required.

CoolMini: A Step By Step Experience
CoolSculpting Machines

Zeltiq, a company known for its CoolSculpting machines for freezing away stubborn fats, released a CoolMini applicator early this year in Singapore to treat stubborn fat in the double chin, knee fat, and bra fat at the armpit areas. Most people would have heard or seen how fat reduction with CoolSculpting can be done for large areas like the abdomen and thigh areas. So you can imagine the public interest the CoolMini applicator garnered on how fat freezing or cryolipolysis for a small area such as the chin can be done.

You may read on to find out more or watch our video here.

CoolMini by Zeltiq CoolSculpting: What can you expect?

Step 1: Consultation

CoolMini: A Step By Step Experience

There are a variety of fat reduction and body contouring treatments available, and it can get confusing while trying to figure out which is the most suitable one for you. So always talk to your doctor about your trouble areas and tell him concerns. He will be able to advise on the most optimal one for you as well as how often treatment should be done.

CoolMini: A Step By Step Experience
Pinch test

If CoolSculpting using the CoolMini applicator is the treatment shortlisted, the doctor will do a pinch test on the chin areas to determine how many sessions you will need.

Step 2: Marking the problem area

CoolMini: A Step By Step Experience

Before treatment, the doctor will need to mark the problem area requiring treatment to ensure that the CoolMini applicator is positioned correctly. To do this, he will squeeze the fat and highlight the area with the most fat. He will then place the CoolMini template on the marked area, and draw around the template.

CoolMini: A Step By Step Experience

Step 3: Prepping the CoolMini applicator

CoolMini: A Step By Step Experience

To prep the applicator, a liner is placed on top of the applicator.

CoolMini: A Step By Step Experience

The machine will then suck the liner in, lining the inside of the applicator. Then the clinic assistant will poke holes in the liner before placing gel pads into the applicator. This helps attach the applicator snugly to the treatment area and insulates the skin during treatment.

 CoolMini: A Step By Step Experience

Step 4: Positioning the applicator

CoolMini: A Step By Step Experience

To ensure that the applicator stays in place throughout the 45 minutes treatment duration, the patient will sit comfortably in a chair with her head placed between a headrest. Gel is then applied to the area requiring treatment to ensure smooth application.

CoolMini: A Step By Step Experience

The applicator is secured in place with the help of a band, and the treatment starts. The CoolSculpting machine will then suck the fats into the applicator, and it will start to freeze the fat cells. All you need to do is surf the web, watch a movie, read a book, or even take a nap.

Over time, the body will naturally dispose of the dead fats cells. To find out exactly how about cryolipolysis work to help us reduce fats, watch this video before embarking on your body contouring journey.

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