Are You Applying Your Face Mask Right?

The face mask is undeniably one of women’s beauty do-it-yourself best friends. Whether in sheet, gel or cream forms, the face mask is easy to use and easily available at any beauty stores or pharmacies. Convenience, however, doesn’t always equate results and most women have been shortchanged of its intended results at one time or another.


The skin factor

If you’re not experiencing results, you may not be using the right mask. Most face masks come with application instructions and suggestions but there’s more than you need to know. Your skin type and skin condition are important factors when it comes to choosing the right mask. Just because a certain face mask works on a friend or beauty reviewer doesn’t mean it will produce the same result for you. It could potentially aggravate your skin condition as well.

Clean up before perk up

To reap maximum benefits, you should first exfoliate before applying a mask. As we age, our skin’s natural exfoliation process slows down, leaving us with more dead skin cells. If you don’t get rid of them, no amount of face mask applications will work. The premise is that you have to first clean up before you perk your skin up. By sloughing away the dead skin on top, it’d be easier for the ingredients in the mask to penetrate the skin. Exfoliation also encourages the renewal of new skin cells.

Tools of the trade

Using your fingers may seem the quickest way to apply your mask but if you don’t like people touching your face then you shouldn’t be doing it with dirty hands either! Unwashed hands can introduce bacteria directly onto your face. You may consider using a clean soft bristle brush instead. Not only is it more hygienic, it also enables a more even and balanced application. Just remember to give it a good wash and proper drying after each use before storing it away.

Mask on shower off

Applying face mask before you shower may seem convenient. Indeed it is but that’s if you’re not expecting real results. Face masks are actually more effective post-shower. The steam created from a warm shower will open up pores and makes for easier removal of dirt from skin. It also allows the skin to better absorb the ingredients in the face mask for improved efficacy. Use lukewarm water to wash the mask off. Our pores are not capable of withstanding extreme temperatures so avoid hot water. As for cold water, it’s not really effective in washing the product off.

Should I multi-mask?

As the name implies, multi-masking involves the use or layering of several masks to address different skin concerns at one go. Although it has become a widely-practiced beauty trend, you don’t really have to go down that route. Pairing up would do just as effective. For example, you could pair up an exfoliating mask with a hydrating mask which will leave skin rejuvenated.

Using a face mask, however, is just one part of a beauty maintenance regime. It is equally important to get your face professionally cleaned by an experienced beauty therapist. Facials offered by medical aesthetic clinics also give you access to the right medical machines and skincare products that can treat and clean your face in a way that you can’t do for yourself at home. Face masks and facial treatments are beauty necessities for healthy skin. But always remember, it’s important to understand your skin’s needs first before looking for the most appropriate beauty solution

Treatment facials available at Halley Medical Aesthetics  include:

For a detoxifying experience, Halley’s Signature Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) gentle facial massage stimulates the lymph system to flush out toxins and reduce fluid retention in the face.

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